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About Us

Who is the Florida Prosperity Partnership?

The movement began in large urban communities across Florida. City and county leaders recognized that despite their best efforts, almost 1 in 6 of their children went to bed hungry and thousands of their families worried about losing their homes if they missed even one paycheck.

So community by community, organizations from all sectors, non-profit, business, government, education, and religion - united to change this grim picture. Coalitions dedicated to helping families put money directly into their pockets and purses began by reaching out to lower income families who qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a tax credit available through the Internal Revenue Service since 1975. At its highest amount, EITC could mean an extra $6,000 to those who need it the most.

As working families began to claim this tax refund, coalition volunteers added more free services - financial education to promote good spending and saving plans, opportunities to open a no-or-low-cost bank account, and matches for any amounts saved, dollar for dollar.

Gradually, the Florida coalitions communicated, learning from one another and improving their processes based on other communities' experiences. They began meeting, and finally, organizing into the Florida Prosperity Partnership (FPP), a collaboration that leverages the work done by each coalition into a single voice for educational outreach and policy improvements for Florida's struggling families.

We now work with over 1,800 individuals from over 1,000 organizations from all sectors of the community.

Stay tuned as the Florida Prosperity Partnership members work hand in hand and drive the difference to more financially stable Florida families.