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About FPP

Who or What is FPP?

FPP is a coalition of hundreds of organizations and thousands of members and partners, all dedicated to serving the needs of households in Florida to move individuals and families from financial crisis to stability, security, well-being and prosperity.

The coalition exists for one simple reason: together, we serve better. And when FPP's members choose to come together for Collective Impact, they move the Opportunity Economy in Florida forward.

To learn more about FPP, visit www.floridaprosperitypartnership.org.

Who or What is the Florida Taxpayer Opportunity Network (FL TON)?

One of the many ways the compassionate professionals representing the diverse organizations in Florida serve the needs of their fellow Floridians is through Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Free Tax Preparation support.

All these professionals come together, work together, share ideas, resources and model practices through the Florida Taxpayer Opportunity Network, or FL TON.

To learn more about the FL TON, visit flton.org.

Join the FPP Movement

To join FPP and be a part of the movement that is making the difference for Floridians, visit www.floridaprosperitypartnership.org/join-FPP.

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